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07/05/2017How to Serve Papers in a Hospital *
05/22/2017Why Process Servers Are Best For Serving Eviction Notices *
05/09/2017Dangerous Precedent for Process Server Assault in Florida *
04/03/2017Investigators Share Which Databases They Prefer to Use *
02/08/2017Gmail Users Watch for Sophisticated SCAM *
12/22/2016Happy Holidays from the NYPD *
12/14/2016End of Year Tax Tips for Investigators *
12/14/2016Yahoo says 1 billion user accounts stolen *
12/05/2016Important Notice to Class "A" Private Investigators *
11/15/2016Private Investigator Bonds: Tips For Lowering Your Premium *
07/15/2016President Obama Signs FOIA Reform Bill Into Law
04/17/2016Hacking Your Phone *
03/16/2016Crooks Steal, Sell Verizon Enterprise Customer Data *
02/16/20162016's New Rules in Process Serving *
02/10/2016TransUnion Acquires Colombian Credit Bureau *
02/08/2016Thousands of NY state sex offenders due to disappear from public registry *
10/07/201515 Million T-Mobile Applicants Hacked in Massive Experian Security Breach *
10/07/2015Facebook data transfers threatened by Safe Harbour ruling *
03/19/2015Target poised to settle breach for $10 million *
02/11/2015Facebook builds platform for companies to share cybersecurity threat data *
02/10/2015Will increasing cyber attacks spell the end of username and password security? *
02/05/2015Anthem Hacking Points to Security Vulnerability of Health Care Industry *
02/05/2015Police release photos of ATM skimming suspect *
12/12/2014Social Media Evidence Law Update *
11/07/2014Home Depot Says 53 Million Email Addresses Taken *
07/29/2014Study: 35 percent in US facing debt collectors *
03/12/2014USAA commended for use of Death Master File *
03/12/2014Credit Card Skimmers Found at Local Hess Station *
06/17/2013Supreme Court bars lawyers from accessing drivers' database *
01/10/2013Database pioneer Hank Asher dead at 61 *
12/12/2012Battle for Data Analytics Talent *
11/19/2012Big Data Debate *
05/23/2012Utah CTO takes fall for data breach *
04/26/2012NY court system to stop selling housing court data with names *
09/01/2011How Technology Has Changed Data Searches for Private Investigators *
09/01/2011Tracers Slashes Search Prices
09/01/2010Social Security Number Randomization
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