Drivers Privacy Protection Act

The Act prohibits state departments of motor vehicles (DMVs) and others to whom the DMVs provide information from disclosing a driver’s personal information without the driver’s consent. DMVs that violate the Act are subject to civil penalties.

Under the DPPA, personal information contained in a motor vehicle record may be disclosed for use by any government agency, including any court or law enforcement agency, in carrying out its functions, or to any private person or entity acting on behalf of a Federal, State, or local agency; and for use in connection with any civil, criminal, administrative, or arbitral proceeding in any Federal, State, or local court or agency or before any self-regulatory body, or pursuant to a Federal, State, or local court order.

The Act requires that the driver consent before the state discloses most of this information, but permits disclosure of the 5-digit zip code and “information on vehicular accidents, driving violations and driver's status.” The Act provides a number of exceptions, including information required to control emissions, driver safety, thefts, recalls, verifying personal information submitted to a business, and insurance. The private parties that receive this information are also authorized to disclose it to others for the same purposes. And “a private actor who has obtained drivers' information from DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles] records specifically for direct-marketing purposes may resell that information for other direct-marketing uses, but not otherwise.”

Drivers Privacy Protection Act
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